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MCM Magazine started out in the fall of 1985. From the very beginning, the general idea was to launch a new motorcycle magazine on the Scandinavian market, to cover the enthusiast segment of the biking scene.

Bengt Aronsson (Editor-in-chief) together with Anders Westenius, both with their roots planted firmly in the Swedish custom and classic scene, produced the very first issue of MCM with the assistance of publishing pro Rolf Classon.

We at MCM have always been independent of outside owners/investors, and have therefore been able to produce the magazine the way we like it; perhaps not the way that would have been the most profitable at any given time.

The heart and soul of the magazine has always been the unique mix of classic/vintage bikes, along with clean customs and of course the world famous "Swedish Style" choppers.

It all adds up to a magazine that consists mainly of American and European bikes. While other, bigger markets have had these categories divided into separate publications, MCM has from the very beginning stood for an unpredictable mix of exotic machinery as well as home-grown specials in all shapes and forms – from Harley long-forks to unthinkable SAAB-engined hybrids.

On the racing front, drag racing in the form of various Harley classes has been the mainstay of interest. MCM was actually involved in introducing the Super Twin race series, as well as the Harley Drags street class.

Throughout the years, MCM:s special interest in genuine bikes has also lead to involvement in the Battle Of The Twins, the Sound Of Singles racing, and of course Classic Racing - both in the form of founding series and sponsorship as well as in our own participation on the straight and curvy tracks. Team MCM has taken part in both Daytona racing and the outrageous Isle Of Man TT races.

Since 1986, MCM has also organized Northern Europe´s largest bike run; "Mälaren Runt". The joint run around Mälaren, Sweden´s third biggest lake, takes place annually the third Saturday of August. Participants come from all over Europe, and amount to as many as 10,000 bikers riding together. The event has developed into Scandinavia´s major motorcycle happening, and includes an overnight party in Enköping after the lap has been completed.

Since we like to believe that our reader is either a full-blown dreamer, where we perhaps could supply material for further pleasure, or a serious restorer/builder, we have ourselves been involved in several bike-building projects. "Project Norrsken" deserves mentioning, an all-Swedish street bike with a highly potent 1.000 cc V-twin, in a streetfighter-style chassis designed well before Ducati had made the style known worldwide in the form of their trendsetting Monster. Then our slick “Kaminari” Honda V-twin followed with help from Unique Custom Cycles and Hogtech, then the awesome “Viridian” shovelhead chopper with Mr. Moore from Finland as the main brain behind the project.

Today’s MCM main editorial staff consists of Totte Wiman (editor, reporter) and Inge Persson-Carleson (editor-in chief), who joined the team back in the early days. This ensures a continuity which has been blended with new impulses from the now 20 people strong field of contributors from all over the planet – from Frankfurt-based globetrotter Horst Roesler, the hardest-working man in the custom bike business, to sunny California where Easyriders shutterbug Michael Lichter covers the American biking scene for us.

We hope you like our mix of bikes and the people behind them. We don’t think you will find it anywhere else except in MCM!


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