MCM Mälaren Runt
– Scandinavia’s n:o 1 bike run!

It was in the spring of 1986 that MCM’s founders came up with an idea for doing something fun together with the magazine’s readers. The editors knew their biking history and were aware of the endurance motorcycle races around lake Mälaren as early as the 1920’s. In later years, the name Mälaren Runt (literally “around lake Mälaren”) has been used for speedboat competitions as well as bicycle races. Why not take a day trip on bikes around the lake with some friends and MCM readers?

No sooner said than done, and on the third Saturday of August, around 150 bikes showed up for the run – almost nothing but choppers and home-built bikes in those days. The chosen route didn’t involve much of the boring motorways but rather the picturesque little back roads close to the lake.

Already in the second year, the event grew and the party at Strul MCC’s excellent location in Enköping became a nice way to relax and have some fun after a day in the saddle. The club has turned the annual party into one of the highlights of the Scandinavian season, attracting some 2,000 visitors.

The number of participants of the run itself has literally exploded, and no one knows how many motorcyclists take part. Some people claim to have tried to come up with a loose appreciation of the number of bikes, and we have heard figures around 25,000 or even higher. As the event has grown, the demand for professional organization has also increased. Today there are signs so no one gets lost, service vans assist those with mechanical problems, and there are official stops along the way where vendors offer food and drink.

In later years, MCM Mälaren Runt has had a new alternative goal since 1997 – MCM’s office on Torsgatan, where we offer coffee, snacks, sandwiches etc. and show some of our project bikes. A nice alternative for those who don’t want to drink beer, dance all night and sleep in a tent.

Today, Mälaren Runt isn’t only for the die-hard chopper freaks. Bike enthusiasts of all kinds, shapes and sizes have joined us, and the biggest change in later years is the MCM Market at the Smederna speedway track, five minutes west of Eskilstuna – a natural stop halfway around the lake. Here you will find food and drink as well as dozens of companies from the motorcycle business, showing their stuff and meeting their customers.

MCM Mälaren Runt, always on the third Saturday of August, is the biggest and best event in Scandinavia and it only keeps getting better and better. You are very welcome to join us next time!


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